Marine Conservation & Social Work

Nature Park

Marine Conservation & Social Work

€245 per person

Our project aims to improve the littering in the shoreline (beach, dunes and fishing harbour), protecting marine animals, as well as swimmers and beachgoers.  

If you are like “work hard, play hard”, you will be interested in gathering a bunch of friends and join us in this epic program!

Join a Faro beach one of paradisiac barrier islands of ria Formosa. Ria formosa has been suffering the pressure of human presence. If not controlled, trash produced by habitants and visitors may become a serious problem affecting the health of the local community and the wildlife in the earth of this incredible nature reserve.

You will be joining clean-up actions, awareness campaigns targeted towards visitors and inhabitants and assist the local community doing social work.

Remember all waterways lead to the ocean!


Prices are dependent upon the group size:

From 7 to 14 members  – 260€ p/ person

15 or more members – 245€ p/ person


Booking fee payment is mandatory to guarantee your place:

25% of the total amount (number of participants X price)

Booking fee payment may be made upon wire transfer (please contact us for further details)


Weeks Available 2024

Week 1 Arrival: 1 July | Departure: 7 July (available)

Week 2 Arrival: 8 July | Departure: 14 July FULLY BOOKED

Week 3 Arrival: 15 July | Departure: 21 July FULLY BOOKED

Week 4 Arrival: 22 July | Departure: 27 July (available)



Alterations and cancellations 

Alterations such as date or groups sizes may be possible upon request. Group cancellation implies the payment of the booking fee. Cancellation of individual members of the group is possible up to the maximum of 2 persons.

  • Destination
  • Departure
    Faro Beach / Faro Island
  • Included
    Personal insurance
  • Not Included
    Flights and other transports
    Personal expenses
This is an example of your schedule. Detailed planning will be made for each group, according to the hours of your arrival, departure and other particular conditions such as the tides.
There are several boats and buses available to take you to your final destination - Faro Island. When the time comes we will help you to sort out the best way to come. Don't worry.
The initial briefing will be held either at the camping site or in the nautical center. After, we will do a brief tour into the island to show you around. The island has some restaurants, 1 grocery shop, 1 first aid office and one cash machines.
Regular day
Cleaning or social work activities from 7h00/8h00 to 10h00/11h00  and 17h00 to 19h30.
The rest of the day will be free time that you can use to go to the beach or do any other activities that you organise.
Departure from the beach in the early morning. Visit the old town and make your way into the down town to have lunch and do some shopping. At 15h00 go to the science museum where a private guide will show you introduce you to the main and temporary exhibitions. Get the ferry back to the camping site.
Meet us at the dock and embark in this adventure. There will be time to dive and swim. Please note that for this activity the groups will be divided into smaller groups.
Meet us at in the morning and after a small walk on the white sand of our beautiful beach, meet a professional lifeguard. During some hours he will use some fun games to teach you useful techniques to rescue people in risk at sea.
Please mind the hours when booking your flights. The camp site is near the airport but you still need to get a bus.
If you have awkward flight hours please let us know in advanced so we can try to help you.
Please take note delayed check out may not be possible because other groups are arriving.


Praia de Faro

  • 6 nights (for other durations please email us)
  • Personal insurance
  • 24 hours support
  • Accommodation in a camping site
  • Facilities to shower and prepare meals
  • Activity plaining for the entire stay
  • Materials for beach cleanups and social work (e.g. gloves)
  • Day trip to Faro with guided visit to science museum
  • Boat trip
  • Kayak trip
  • Water safety & rescue workshop
  • Goodbye dinner (food, 2 drinks per person and desert)
    Faro beach is 30 minutes away from Faro city by boat or bus.
    Faro has an international airport, bus and train stations.
  • Airport -
  • Train -
  • Bus -, or