About us

RTV – aECO stands for Responsible Tourism Volunteer – Ocean Research & Conservation Association.

Our mission is to support marine environment research, education and conservation, creating awareness and inspiring action towards the protection of sea life, that includes local communities living upon fisheries or other sea related activities. To accomplish such broad mission, we work alongside with volunteer members like students, professors, marine biologists and other conservation advocates. Our activities structured around three main goals:

  • Gather data about biodiversity, endangered species or for other marine-related research, and share such information in open source outlets;
  • Promote responsible and sustainable tourism;
  • Organize volunteering projects, host internships and develop or endorse other conservation initiatives such as, for example, educational summer camps.

As a local, non-profit organisation, we are funded exclusively by membership fees, donations, volunteer programs fees such as summer camps, and other research related support services. Our partnerships with local organizations and the deep connections with local communities are unique assets, that allow us push projects forward in such a fulfilling and inspiring way!

Join RTV projects or feel free to invite us to join yours. The seas connecting us are far bigger than any piece of land setting us apart. Together we can make a difference!