Social work: painting and refurbishments

Put your hands and heart into helping the local community. Join our efforts improving the primary school, wooden paths and fishing port facilities.

Cleaning actions: collect all kinds of  waste

Each day you´ll have the chance to clean a different area. Explore the beach, dunes, salt marshes or fishing harbor while you are saving the planet.

Sailing adventure: learn and have fun

Join our captain on a unforgettable trip to discover the wildlife in the Nature Park of Ria Formosa. Discover the perfect pristine waters to dive.

Photography intro: test your artistic skills

Culatra Island has the perfect scenario for photo competition. Let yourself get inspired and practice during your stay with us.

City Tour: take the ferry and spend the day in Faro

The capital of the Algarve has a lovely downtown waiting to be discovered. During your day you’ll have the chance to have a guided tour to the local science museum

Food workshop: discover our Gastronomy

Cross the island to an unknown side and learn how to catch clams and other shells. Later the same day you will have the chance to prepare it yourself and indulge.

  1. Classification as a Protected Area 1987

    The total area includes 67 km of coastline and its classified also as an IBA – Important Bird Area

  2. Village electrification 1988

    A submerged pipeline finally brings electricity to the island. There is no more need to burn fossil fuels simply to turn on the lights.

  3. Sewage and water installation 2009

    Until this year the sewage was either buried or dumped into the ocean and fresh water would come from wells drilled in the sand.

  4. AECO does the first cleaning action in the island 2011

    After being founded in 2011 we started to work straightaway and organized our first cleaning action with local volunteers. The first group of international volunteers arrived in 2015.

  5. Culatra 2030 – clean energy Island 2019

    A consortium of private and public entities, including the among other Algarve University and our association, has gathered efforts to make Culatra island carbon free.