Social work: painting and refurbishments

Put your hands and heart into helping the local community. Join our efforts improving the primary school, wooden paths and fishing port facilities.

Cleaning actions: collect all kinds of  waste

Each day you´ll have the chance to clean a different area. Explore the beach, dunes, salt marshes or fishing harbor while you are saving the planet.

Kayaking adventure: learn and have fun

Join our guide on an unforgettable trip to discover the wildlife in the Nature Park of Ria Formosa. Discover the perfect pristine waters to dive.

Speed boat adventure into the wild

Get to know this amazing sailing ground on unforgettable RIB tour. There will be time to swim and refresh yourself.

Day exploring Faro and the science museum

The capital of the Algarve has a lovely downtown waiting to be discovered. During your day you’ll have the chance to have a guided tour to the local science museum.

Water safety & rescue workshop

Have fun on the beach while learning life saving techniques with professional lifeguards.

About AECO…

  1. Foundation of the association 2011

    After some years thinking about how to help to protect the oceans and our beautiful Natural Park of Ria Formosa, AECO was finally born.

  2. Blue Sea raising awareness in schools 2013

    Since new generations are the future of our planet, there is no better place than schools to raise awareness about plastic and micro plastic pollution.

  3. Ria+ volunteer summer camps 2016

    Our first volunteers came from Belgium this year and it was the beginning of a series of crazy, fun, hardworking and most memorable adventures!

  4. 1st place EOCA competition 2019

    With the grant that we won from the European Outdoor Conservation Association it was possible to hire divers from the CCMAR-Algarve University to do underwater cleanups and research about the seahorse community living in the natural park.

  5. Grow with the Sea educational project 2021

    Aiming to bring the local communities closer to the ocean and provide relevant skills to younger generations, we started an educational project based on experiential learning.