Research Projects

Our commitment to research

Since the first activities in the beginning of 2009, the Association participated in more than 145 projects related to research and/or conservation.

Members, in a recent survey, confirmed that they feel that this is a crucial part of the work of the Association and we continue to raise funds for this purpose.

We are able to contribute to research in this way thanks to the fundraising efforts of individual members and Reserch Centers over the years as well as major legacies and large donations.

We believe the Association has a key role to play in supporting smaller projects as well as offering grants to projects in the development stage. Such projects have been able to attract further major funding from other sources as a result of our early ‘pump priming’.

The Association remains committed to supporting innovative and informative research projects related to Oceans Conservancy. For this we need to work in partnership with the research community as well as continuing the appeal for donations.

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