Sea-life and Photography


Are you into fun expeditions to see wild life? And what about photography? If these activities get you excited, don’t miss the chance to join us.

This is not a dull program, on the contrary, you will get the chance to discover sea animals that you never knew that existed and learn how to freeze those moments in your pictures. With the perfect scenario set in the amazing natural park of ria Formosa, you will be assisting us to collect powerful images to use in future communication materials to raise awareness on the importance of marine conservation.

Remember photography is a way of feeling and loving the world around us!


  • Transport to and from the island
  • Accommodation (6 days) at school or tents (provided)
  • Photography workshop
  • Work session with Algarve University representatives
  • Boat expedition
  • Land expedition
  • Farewell Meal

Not Included

  • Flights and airport transfers
  • Daily meals
  • Travel health insurance
  • Personal expenses


  • 6 days (for other durations please email us)
  • 400 euros (25% booking fee – 100€ per person)
  • Minimum 6 participants


Do you want to join us or have any questions? Email us!

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