Marine Conservation & Gastronomy


If you are like “work hard, play hard”, you will be interested in gathering a bunch of friends and join us in this epic program.

Join a local fishing community in the paradisiac barrier islands of ria Formosa. Culatra island has been suffering the pressure of human presence. If not controlled, trash produced by habitants and visitors may become a serious problem affecting the health of the local community and the wildlife in the earth of this incredible nature reserve.

This program aims to help the local community to improve the littering in the shoreline (beach, dunes and fishing harbour), protecting marine animals, as well as swimmers and beachgoers.

You will be joining clean-up actions and awareness campaigns targeted towards visitors and inhabitants. Also, you will also have the chance to learn how to fish and cook traditional dishes and experience your sail baptism!

Remember all waterways lead to the ocean!


  • Transport to and from the island
  • Accommodation (6 days) at school or tents (provided)
  • Cleaning actions organization (Plastic bags, gloves and other support material provided)
  • Fishing and cooking workshop
  • Work session with Algarve University representatives
  • Boat trip/sailing class
  • Farewell Meal


Not Included

  • Flights and airport transfers
  • Daily meals
  • Travel health insurance
  • Personal expenses



  • 6 days (for other durations please email us)
  • 180 euros (25% booking fee – 45€ per person)
  • Minimum 10 participants


Do you want to join us or have any questions? Email us!




Approximated time for compounds to biodegrade in a marine environment

Product Time to Biodegrade
Apple core 1–2 months
General paper 1–3 months
Paper towel 2–4 weeks
Cardboard box 2 months
Cotton cloth 5 months
Plastic coated milk carton 5 years
Wax coated milk carton 3 months
Tin cans 50–100 years
Aluminium cans 150–200 years
Glass bottles Undetermined (forever)
Plastic bags 10–20 years
Soft plastic (bottle) 100 years
Hard plastic (bottle cap) 400 years

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