Summer 2017 – new sailing program

_MG_8102 DSC03023 DSC03019 DSC01117 DSC01109 Original_037_ nuno sa Culatra Island cropped-dsc_0112.jpg DSC03465 DSC_5323 DSC_5224 DSC02735Some of life’s greatest lessons are learned on our boat. Not to mention the nonstop sail and scuba training plus challenging marine science courses taught by experts in the field. Come aboard, often not knowing anyone or having any sailing experience at all, and very quickly form tight-knit bonds with fellow crewmates. As a key member of the crew, you learn about the importance of teamwork, decision-making and compromise as you work together to achieve common goals. Sailing skills and being rewarded for your accomplishments also builds confidence in your own individual abilities and instills a feeling that anything you want to learn or do in life is within reach. For college students, our credit-bearing sailing programs are a unique and enlightening way to study oceanography, tropical marine biology and other marine sciences. Come join a small group of  sailors your age, plus experienced skippers, guides and instructors and sail hundreds of nautical miles­ – learning, exploring and achieving at every turn.

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